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​​​Through the Recovery Branch of JTJ Resources, Inc ("JTJ") has partnered with Attorney, Mr. William Payne of the Payne Law Firm, Decatur, Georgia, with our sister agency and same owner of JTJ, a Georgia Homeless Veterans Resources, Inc., ("GHVR")  board member. 

Our Team's mission is to assist and support economically disadvantaged clients by offering financial support and assistance in an attempt to prevent further loss as well as to mitigate risks.  

Potential clients must meet our prequalifications prior to assistance approval. 

 JTJ also ensure we locate and verify the correct homeowner, and previous homeowner and/or the heirs in a timely manner to better assist in the claiming of unclaimed cash assets, dormant checks, and unclaimed funds from agencies and counties throughout the state of Georgia. 


​Much of JTJ services require collaborative research including investigating file information and locating potential claimants.

We operate on a contingency format.

We work side by side with Mr. William T. Payne's law firm to ensure all of our client's legal rights are upheld and they receive true justice.

We do NOT require an up-front fee.

We do NOT ask our clients for personal information, such as Social Security Numbers until the filing of appropriate documents to be legally filed.

We never possess our client's excess recovered funds. The client's portion will be disbursed directly to him/her/them by/through

 Mr. Payne's law firm.

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