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While no one can guarantee that you will be awarded every contract submission, we can - and do -unequivocally guarantee that your chances for initial and sustained success will be significantly increased with the help of our battle-tested team of experts who have seen it, lived it and done it all in the tough waters of government contracts. It’s the only sea we swim in. And no one knows how to navigate these waters better to maximize your potential for an immediate return on your investment and long-term success with the performance results your company is capable of.


Our mission is to help our clients excel in the perpetual journey of preparing for, identifying, pursuing, securing and fulfilling federal government contracts. It’s a purpose-driven voyage with a finely chartered course to ensure that we successfully reach each port of call.

As a JTJ Resources Business Coaching Services client, you will be able to cut through the confusion, get unstuck and master the process in order to do much better at securing contract awards. It’s important to note that we are purposefully particular when selecting our client base - which represents a mix of no more than ten businesses and corporations seeking to scale, expand or head into the unchartered territory of government contracts - to ensure that they receive our best efforts and attention towards their unique journeys of achievement. Our limited client base also helps to ensure that we keep abreast of all new industry regulations, changes and protocols that may affect our clients.

We will guide, inspire, encourage and support you from wherever you are and take you to where you need to be in order to do better at achieving success including providing hands-on assistance with registrations; certifications; presenting yourself, your company and your staff; engaging in primary (prime) and sub-primary (sub-prime) partnerships; and positioning your relevant offerings so that you perform iteratively better. 

You will find no greater champion for your success than the team at JTJ Resources – dedicated to coaching you on not just what to do, but how to do it.

We look forward to helping you know and do substantially better! 

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